By Gary Schwartz

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  1. 3:00-8:00
    All ages and levels are welcome!
  1. 10:00am-8:00pm
    All ages and levels are welcome!
  1. 9:00am-7:00pm
    All ages and levels are welcome!
  1. 3:00-7:00
    All ages and levels are welcome!
  1. 9:am-6:00pm
    All ages and levels are welcome!

Teaching Policies

It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure a pleasant and condusive environment for the student to maximize learning.  I feel it is also the responsibility of the student to practice and always ask questions as the student's input is important to me as well as their progress and understanding of what they are learning!  My philosophy is that I want my students to know and understand what I am teaching them, not simply memorizing what I say.


Lessons are paid one month in advance as you are buying your time slot. Unless agreed upon, full payment of each month is expected.  Keep in mind that music and teaching are my passion, this is  how I earn a living.  Please be respectful of this.  I always accomodate rescheduling lessons for emergency cancellations such as for sickness, funeral, school activities and inclimate weather.  I do not provide make-up lessons for missed lessons because you '"forgot!."   Any other institution that is prepaid such as ballet, college etc... regardless,  do not provide make-up lessons for any reasons. 

24 hours is required for cancelation of your lesson.  Do not call or text me 10 minutes prior to your lesson to cancel your lesson especially if you knew of the reason in advance such as a school activity, wedding, etc.  I will make the decision as to providing a reschedule.  ALWAYS CALL ME or text.  Emailing is not always the most efficient way to reach me. 

If a make-up lesson is scheduled and that lessson is missed, there are no reschedules for that lesson.

Lessons begin promply on the hour or half-hour, if you come early and are the first lesson of the day, and I am not here, please wait. I will always call if there is a situation so please ensure that I have all contact information.  You may wait up to 10 minutes starting at the time your lesson is scheduled, not at the time you arrived, before leaving.  Hopefully this will never happen!  IF you are going to be late, please call me with the reason and an expected ETA so I may accomodate you.

There will be a fee of $30 for any bounced checks.  Any payment received after the 12th of the month will accrue a $10 late fee. 

For further inquiries please see either CONTACT page, or email me at: [email protected]